The Taos Pueblo Experience

Students have described the Taos trip as one of the most valuable experiences of their time in school.

The Taos, New Mexico trip is designed as a six-day experience to immerse middle and high school students into Native American culture through direct community service working with the Pueblo community. Throughout the week we also actively engage in cultural awareness experiences while we enjoy the many outdoor adventures available in the scenic Taos, New Mexico region.

Taos, New Mexico is a tremendous place to learn about traditional Native American culture, particularly with the Taos Pueblo nearby, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in North America. Taos is also a scenic conglomeration of mountain ranges, gorges, rivers, open spaces and rock formations that have lured artists to this region for over a century. More recently, Taos is viewed as one of the most desirous recreational regions in the Southwest partly due to the mild temperatures they experience year round, a benefit from the high elevation.

Partnering with Teachers and Schools

Our program partners with teachers interested in providing a dynamic experience for your students to learn about Native American culture while we commit to meeting the physical and educational needs of the Taos Pueblo community. The community service projects for the winter and spring trips consist primarily of one-to-one tutoring with Pueblo children during the school day and working with Pueblo youth on agricultural projects. For the summer trips, we work as counselors at a Pueblo summer camp and with Pueblo youth and community leaders on agricultural and community restoration projects at the Taos Pueblo reservation. In addition to the community service projects, we participate in cultural awareness activities that help us understand traditional Pueblo culture, which includes a private tour of the Taos Pueblo, participating in traditional drumming and dancing, learning about jewelry making, bread making, storytelling, folklore traditions, and enjoying Pueblo musical performances. Lastly, we explore the scenic Taos region through a variety of outdoor activities.

Teachers who coordinate the trip the first year receive a free trip to Taos with a paid stipend for travel expenses. Teachers who work with Crossroads on future trips will work as a partner with the Crossroads program to Taos. Crossroads Director Stuart Morris works directly with each teacher coordinator to design a trip that best meets the goals and objectives of your particular school.