Let us customize a trip for you!

Creating opportunities for students to experience different cultures is, in my opinion, the most compelling type of learning. Crossroads is a forum where teachers and students can learn together about how to positively impact the world around us one community at a time.
--Stuart Morris

Crossroads Student Travel designs customized school trips for middle school or high schoolteachers to travel with your students to Taos, New Mexico or Costa Rica. Each trip is designed your trip. Community organizers from the local Taos Pueblo Reservation will also be working with your group. In Costa Rica, the trip is led by other teachers who have participated in the trip and a Costa Rican guide who stays with your group the entire trip. The trips can take place over Christmas Break, February Break, Spring Break, or during any 6-9 day period in the summer. These customized trips entail immersing teachers and students into the culture of Taos or Costa Rica while providing an opportunity for you to explore the natural beauty of the region. Each trip emphasizes the following components:

A Commitment to Community Service

Your community service experience in Taos will involve living in a private lodge on the outskirts of the Taos Pueblo Reservation. Each day we take a few minute drive to the local Reservation to engage in agricultural, home renovation, and ecological restoration projects for residents at the Taos Pueblo. In Costa Rica you will live with host families and work in a small agricultural community. You may help refurbish a school, a community center, tutor children, or engage in ecological projects.

Experiencing Diverse Cultures

In both Taos and Costa Rica, you will learn about traditional culture in a developing region. Each trip emphasizes experiencing how traditional life connects with modern day practices through art, music and local crafts. We also learn how agricultural plays such a powerful role in the culture today and experience how art and music still represents a central component of the culture.

Outdoor Adventures in Scenic Regions

Exploring the outdoors is a major component of each Crossroads trip. Through hiking, visiting ruins, rafting, visiting hot springs and waterfalls we learn to appreciate the natural beauty of the region while we learn how to leave a light footprint on the natural surroundings.