About Crossroads

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Crossroads Student Travel is a nonprofit organization that provides educational travel opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to Taos, New Mexico, and Costa Rica. Crossroads was founded in 2001 by Director Stuart Morris, a teacher who has taught history at the high school level for over 25 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each trip is designed for small groups of participants to engage in travel excursions that highlight community service, cultural awareness, and outdoor adventure.

Community Service

Our first emphasis is cross-cultural understanding through community service projects. Participants work at local schools, community programs, and ecological restoration sites. We work side-by-side with local residents to help meet some of the physical and educational needs of a community in order to make a lasting impact on a community long after we leave.

Cultural Awareness

One of the most powerful ways of understanding different cultures is to live in a local community and experience cultural traditions directly. Students visit ruins and museums, listen to talks from local experts, and participate in the living traditions of a developing community. By participating directly in the culture of a region, we personally experience what we are learning.

Outdoor Adventure

Every region we visit offers some kind of unique outdoor adventure that helps us appreciate the natural environment of a region. We go on hikes or Safari’s, raft, zip line, visit natural preserves, and learn about indigenous animals and plants. We enjoy the natural beauty of an area while learning how the traditional culture and modern advancements impact the natural environment.