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Crossroads is a nonprofit organization that provides educational travel excursions
to Taos, New Mexico and Costa Rica for students and teachers that highlight
community service, cultural awareness, and outdoor adventure.
We look forward to traveling with you!

Community service

Students gain a better understanding of other cultures by working on community service projects alongside local residents. Projects may include working at schools, in community programs, or at ecological restoration sites.

Cultural awareness

Learning about different cultures is a part of every Crossroads trip. Ever wonder what it is like to live with a host family in a small village in another country or learn how to catch fish with your bare hands on a Native American Reservation? These are just two of the many activities in which we participate to learn about the living traditions of a developing community.

Outdoor adventure

Adventure is built into every trip. Depending on the region, this might include whitewater rafting, learning about indigenous animals and plants, or zip-lining through the Rainforest. It's all about appreciating the natural beauty of a region and having fun at the same time.

Our Destinations

Our trips are designed for small groups of students to engage in travel excursions to Taos, New Mexico, and Costa Rica that highlight community service, cultural awareness, and outdoor adventure. Each trip is led by committed educators who recognize that one of the most profound ways to create global understanding is to immerse students in different cultures around the world.

  • Taos, New Mexico

    Scheduled during winter, spring, and summer breaks, our trips include working with children at a local Native American community, experiencing traditional Native American culture, and exploring the scenic Taos region.

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  • Costa Rica

    Our trips to Costa Rica during the spring and summer include homestays in a small village, learning about traditional life in a small village, ecological restoration projects, rafting, canyoning, and exploring the Rainforest.

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We can also Customize a trip for your school!

We can customize trips for middle and high school teachers to travel with 15 or more students to Taos or Costa Rica at any time of the year. Contact us about how we can customize a trip for you!